Mountain preschool is fantastic. My 4 year old goes there and he loves it. The team are fantastic and very caring. They provide my son with learning activities that meet his point of need and interest. I can’t say enough good things about Mountain Preschool.

My 1 year old will attend when he is old enough and I have had 3 other children attend there over the years too.


Our daughter has been attending Mountain Preschool since 2014. We can honestly say it was the best decision we could have made for her preschooling experience. She is excited to come along each week, and always has lots of wonderful stories to tell. The quality of staff, and the dedication and care shown to the children is exceptional.

They are genuine in their care for the children and show immense pride in the service they provide. The atmosphere is positive and encouraging, and you always feel welcomed whenever you arrive, not just by the staff, but also the kids and the other families. There is always plenty to do, and you can always hear the kids laughing when you arrive.

There is a fantastic outdoor play area where the kids love to explore and play, and they are always coming home with some very clever craft creations. Cannot recommend highly enough!


My child has been attending Lowanna Mountain Preschool for a couple of years now and absolutely loves it!!

It has been such a pleasurable, beneficial and life changing experience not only for him but also our family.

He was experiencing some very difficult speech, motor skill, social, learning and behavioural challenges within his life. This could have affected him greatly throughout his school years if he had not been in such a supportive, nurturing and happy learning environment with such dedicated and caring staff. They have worked alongside the SNSGI (Special Needs Support Group Inc) to ensure that everything needed to enhance his skills has been incorporated into the preschool program and since being there the change and growth in his interpersonal skills, communication and development is amazing!

There is not one day that my son does not want to go to preschool and “have all the fun without me” as he says.

The range of activities and opportunities that all the children attending this preschool participate in is outstanding! They do outside activities, gardening, cooking, science experiments and a huge range of learning and educational activities. They hold multicultural days where aboriginal artists perform, and all parents and families are welcomed to attend and join in. The local primary school come along to different events to watch the preschool presentations and interact with the kids, and the preschool also participate in school excursions doing different things around the community and at the primary school, which makes the transition to “big school” comfortable as they get to see and do what the other kids and their brothers and sisters are doing.

The director and educators are so wonderful to talk to if there are any concerns, and I am updated in detail every day on my child’s progress and achievements. They are so passionate about what they do and this shines through the kids.

What a wonderful journey this has been and still is for my son and he always comes home with a big smile on his face as he tells me about his day. I would highly recommend this preschool to anyone and can’t thank the staff enough for giving my child an exceptional start to life.

Monique McCaskill