Mountain Preschool values the prior knowledge that your children come to school with and view all children as competent learners and active citizens, as supported by Edwards (2002). Through the positive relationship and communication between families, community, and staff we are aware of children’s different cultures and background learning styles and interests that can then embrace engagement during our indoor and outdoor experiences.

Mountain Preschool has an enormous range of quality resources for the children to explore and educators also provide open ended resources, embracing holistic teaching and learning strategies. Our Building is a wonderful, spacious timber hall with polished floors and stage. Our awesome outdoor environment is the perfect place for exploration and imaginative play. The grassed, sand and playground areas are awash with natural beauty including shady trees, flora and fauna as well as space, sensory and challenging areas. Our Sustainable Living Practices involve composting, growing and eating vegetables and fruit from our garden which also evokes a positive learning medium. This magnificent environment allows us to achieve positive interactions leading to positive outcomes for children.

Beliefs embedded within our philosophy are founded on the Principles and Practices of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which also underpins multiple theoretical perspectives about learning. These include aspects of Reggio Emilia, Vygotsky and Piaget. The EYLF’s Belonging, Being and Becoming focus shapes our interactions with children, families, educators and community which in turn promotes respect for diversity and for self, cultural inclusion and open communication to maintain strong partnerships, secure relationships and continued learning and wellbeing.