Philosophy and Aims

At Mountain Preschool Lowanna we believe in the children’s right to a safe, secure and responsive environment. We place great value on the building of warm and caring relationships with the children.

We believe children are capable and competent. We trust in their capacity to learn and become productive members of the community. We believe that early childhood is a significant time of life and is the foundation for all future learning and development.

We work to support the children in our care towards Being, Belonging and Becoming – the values underpinning The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). We believe each child has the right to develop a sense of their identity, to participate actively, to learn, to develop an understanding of their own potential and to become critical and creative thinkers. We believe that this will most likely happen in an inclusive environment, where bias is challenged, where children feel safe and where their rights and ideas are respected; and where they know their families are welcomed and valued.

We believe that within this environment, a child learns through scaffolding from a “More Knowledgeable Other” (MKO). This MKO is often a peer, family member or educator. Through social interactions a child’s knowledge bank is heightened to new understandings on a deeper level. We believe that this theoretical perspective of Vygotsky’s brings about the necessity of educators using “Intentional Teaching Strategies” (ITS) during their interactions amongst children’s play activities with the aim to help their learning and to plan future experiences.

We recognize the family’s critical role and powerful influence on children’s learning and development. We are committed to valuing, supporting, informing and advocating for families and in operating in partnership with them, gaining their valuable input to the children’s program.

We believe it is very important to employ appropriately qualified and experienced staff to fulfil the goals and aims of the preschool community and furthermore, believe Mountain Preschool’s quality staff, families and community committee are our greatest assets.