Shirley’s Philosophy

I believe children are born with an innate desire to learn, I believe the best way to help them to learn is through inter-active play.

I believe children thrive in a caring environment that nurtures their interest, which is challenging but safe.

I believe it is an educator’s role to provide a positive role model while taking an interest in the individual children in their care. In this way we can provide learning experiences which relate to each child’s particular interests. By listening and paying attention we gain an understanding of where each child is at in their development. By providing experiences that cater to their interests we develop these interests and expand their knowledge, thus enhancing their skills on all levels, physical, social, spiritual and intellectual.

Following EYLF guidelines – Being, Belonging, Becoming –

By providing a safe and interesting environment, we give children the opportunities to be the best they can.

By encouraging and inviting their families and friends to participate in preschool life and documenting their activities for them to see, we foster a sense of belonging.

By learning their interests, their likes and dislikes and allowing these to guide us, we provide the means for them to fulfil their potential.

Thank you, Shirley. Certificate 3 Children’s Services. W/T Diploma Of Early Childhood Education and care