Brenda’s Philosophy

I believe children are born natural learners. Each of us has a unique purpose, so we learn all that we need in accordance with that purpose.  We each too, have an individual learning style (visual, tactile, aural, language, written, physical, social) that impacts what and how we learn and our understanding of  our world.

In my role at Mountain Preschool, as an early childhood educator, I contribute to providing an environment that is safe, supportive, kind and loving.  I believe children learn most freely when these basic needs are met and from that place positive self-esteem, confidence and belonging develops.  Resilience to face adversity naturally follows.

I aim to impart to the children in my care, a love of learning that stays with them their whole life. I believe curiosity and creativity are key in developing this aptitude so we provide an environment and experiences that stimulate these ways of being.

In interacting with the children, I believe I must be a positive role model in all that I do and that I am at Preschool.  I aim to remain patient, calm and available to the children, acknowledging and responding to their ever evolving needs and interests.  I aim to model positive thinking skills, language skills and problem solving skills that will hold them in good stead for their journey.

I believe it to be a privilege and honour to be a part of your child’s life especially since these years are the most important, action packed years when children experience their most rapid growth, learning and development.   I acknowledge each child comes to preschool already a part of a family, a community and a culture. I aim to respect and celebrate all that is shared.

Thank you. Brenda Mulhearn. Diploma of Teaching